21 - 23 North Road, St Helens, Merseyside. WA10 2TW

01744 451388

Welcome to Mr Chans Restaurant

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October 1989 was the debut of Mr Chans Restaurant, the first authentic Chinese restaurant to open in St.Helens.

Mr Chans
started as the offshoot of The Red Flower which was opened in the November of 1969; the first Chinese Take Away in St.Helens, now over 4 decades ago!

I started the Take Away business with my parents at the age of 15, bringing Chinese ‘home’ cooking to St.Helens. Our style of Chinese food in those early years was based on my father’s basic knowledge of family cooking and my mother’s sense of good taste. And together with the help of some of the best China Town Chefs of the era, we produced food that went down really well with the town’s folk! The proof of it - we are still here!

Since my parent’s retirement The Red flower was completely revamped to become Charlie Chan’s Oriental Express and is still offering great quality Take Aways!

The recipes and dishes from those early years have evolved and have been finely tuned to accommodate for the ever changing tastes & preferences of our many customers.
With the guidance from my wife, Loi and our trips throughout the World, experiencing the many variations of oriental cuisines; I have put together recipes that are personal to us, to share with you.

On entering Mr Chans, you are welcomed into our family; to share in our food, hospitality and friendship!

Christmas Menu 2014, click here for PDF